CDI & Electrosorption

Capacitive deionization (CDI) is a promising new technology for water desalination making use of an electrical voltage applied between two electrodes. Even at rather low voltages of 1.2 V, desalinated water can be produced. This “direct current” low voltage can easily be produced using a small solar panel. The academic interest in CDI has increased rapidly in the past 5 years as can be read in the news items. Companies, from startups and SMEs to multinationals, have research activities and commercial deployment in the field of CDI.

Electrosorption is the fundamental process underlying the CDI technology describing the interaction of molecular species and ions with charged materials for chemical conversion and/or temporary storage and separation. With the multitude of molecular species that can be of interest, ranging from metal and salt ions (lithium, arsene) all the way up to protein and designer molecules such as pharmaceuticals, and the multitude of solid and porous materials that one can think of, the possibilities are enormous.

Though at present the CDI&E website may have a focus on CDI, we expect to see increasing numbers of contributions where the fundamental phenomenon of electrosorption is applied for novel applications in water treatment, health and energy.

This website is maintained under the responsibility of the International Working Group on CDI&E, who also invites you to attend any of the upcoming CDI&E conferences and symposia.


New ES&T paper on the energy efficiency of electro-driven brackish water desalination

A new Open Access paper was published in the prestigious journal ES&T, from the group of prof. Meny Elimelech (Yale, USA) which discusses a detailed comparison between electrodialysis (ED) and membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI). Patel et al. "Energy Efficiency of Electro-Driven Brackish Water Desalination: Electrodialysis Significantly Outperforms Membrane Capacitive Deionization", ES&T (2020). According to ...continue reading

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CDI keeps growing exponentially !

... and the field of Capacitive Deionization keeps on growing at an increasing speed ! With over 160 scientific papers written and published last year, the total number of CDI publications has grown from ∼25 in 2000, to ∼65 in 2010, to over 1,000 at the end of 2019! CDI papers in 2019 came from ...continue reading

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CDI&E conference 2021 – Atlanta!

We are honored to introduce the 5th International conference on capacitive deionization and electrosorption, which will take place in Atlanta, GA, United States on May 11th-14th, 2021.  The conference will be a good forum for CDI researchers to present new results, draw inspiration, and direct future growth into CDI&E research. We would be grateful for ...continue reading

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CDI Newsletter December 2019

You can read the December 2019 newsletter here. The December newsletter includes highlights on: Our upcoming conference, which will be hosted at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA, in May 2021 CDI & Electrosorption 2019 conference Research You can register for our newsletter on our website (right column).   

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Outstanding CDI&E conference 2019 – Beijing!

Last week’s conference in Beijing was a great success! 200 scientists met in Beijing and discussed the latest scientific and industrial developments in the field of Capacitive Deionization. The 4-day conference started on Monday with three tutorials on theory, cell architectures and metrics by renowned professors. Thereafter, the scientific part of the program started, with ...continue reading

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