New book released: Introduction to Physics of Electrochemical Processes

Maarten Biesheuvel (Wetsus) and Jouke Dykstra (Wageningen University), members of the CDI&E working group, are pleased to announce the release of their second book in their series on “Physics of Electrochemical Processes”. This book focuses more strongly on electrode processes and is therefore relevant to the CDI community. Both books can still be downloaded free-of-charge from the website

The new book is titled “Introduction to Physics of Electrochemical Processes” and focuses on electrode processes. One of the topics addressed is the important difference between Faradaic processes that can run forever such as fuel cells, and capacitive (i.e., non-Faradaic) processes, such as ion storage in porous electrodes, where the electrode structure continuously changes upon charging and discharging the electrode, irrespective of the details of the chemistry of the electrode material. Your comments are welcome and can be addressed to the authors via the website. To be updated on new releases, please visit the website, and leave your email address there.